Asim Tewary

Asim Tewary

Asim Tewary

Job Title: Head of Enterprise Data Science & Advanced Analytics

Company: Verizon

Asim Tewary is the Enterprise Head of Data Science & Analytics at Verizon driving revenue growth, churn mitigation, digital transformation, and data monetization for $120 Billion business across Wireless, FIOS, IoT, and enterprise businesses across 130+ Million customer base.

His current focus is building cognitive self-learning capabilities to augment employee intelligence (digital employee) and personalize customer experience across channel using customer DNA and propensities derived by deep learning algorithms.

Asim manages 350+ full time employees in United States as well as in India. His responsibilities extend across all aspects of Data Investment, Management, and Monetization including Budgeting, Infrastructure & Operations, Governance, Business Intelligence, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, and End-to-End Solutions Design & Implementation.

Prior to joining Verizon, he was Managing Director for PwC’s Financial Services Analytics practice across banking, capital markets, insurance, risk, and asset management business and Chief Data Officer at AIG. He has over 20 years of experience and has held senior leadership positions managing analytics organizations at Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and other financial services companies.

Speaking at the following:

2.00pm - 2.45pm
Discussion Group 3A: Making Data Pay – Cutting Costs & Boosting Revenue

• Eliminating inefficiencies through data – where can the big cost reductions often be found? • How can the application of analytics increase revenues across the whole business? • How can analytics improve assessments of financial performance, to optimize budgeting and forecasting?

10.15am - 11.00am
Keynote Panel: Succeeding in the Cognitive Age – Exploiting the Potential of Artificial Intelligence & Beyond

• What does a ‘Cognitive Enterprise’ look like in the real world, and what are the steps to becoming one? • How mature are Artificial Intelligence solutions currently, what can they achieve within the business context, and what should we prepare for in the coming years? • Where to begin – Approaches to acquiring the… Read more.

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