Ferd Scheepers

Ferd Scheepers

Job Title: Chief Information Architect

Company: ING

Bio coming soon.

Speaking at the following:

4.45pm - 5.30pm
Keynote Panel: Delivering on the Promise of Data & Analytics – Providing Real Value to your Organization and Demonstrating Return on Investment

How to prioritize offensive, value-driven strategies to deliver on innovation whilst ensuring defensive duties are discharged, featuring real-life uses of Client 360, Metadata Generation and Trust. Finding value when the low hanging fruit has all been eaten – where to turn for long term, sustainable results to out-compete your competitors. Communicating the impact of the… Read more.

12.15pm - 1.00pm
Discussion Group 2A: Cementing Your Place in the C-Suite through Quick Wins and Long Term Goals

Winning credibility in the early days through quick wins from long-hanging fruit. Moving beyond the early days and securing your role by delivering on long term goals. Avoiding the risk of CDAOs being a ‘flash in the pan’ – what do we need to do?

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