Joy Bonaguro

Joy Bonaguro

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: City and County of San Francisco

Responsible for developing and executing on strategy to empower and accelerate data use across the City and County of San Francisco:

  • Cofounded Data Academy, first of its kind internal training program to lift and level data skills within City government, estimated to save 1.7M annually
  • Launched data science as a new service working with clients to deliver actionable data science insights; projects featured at
  • Overhauled open data program consistently ranked as top in country, developed KPIs, publication process, data automation and profiling as a service, and privacy and security risk framework for data release
  • Developed data governance program designed to establish data as an asset to be managed, including standard framework for integrated data across multiple policy and legislative frameworks
  • Developed dashboarding (business intelligence, BI) as a self service strategy to promote faster, cheaper and better BI tools and resources
  • Fostered culture of data use via multiple data related networks, including the City Analyst Network, D3 days (a data themed happy hour), and the Annual Data and Innovation Awards
  • Documented and abstracted our work via our resource library and blog so other jurisdictions could use
  • Cofounded the Civic Analytics Network (CAN), a group of data leaders from multiple cities convened through Harvard’s DataSmart Ash Center

Speaking at the following:

Discussion Group 3B: Selling your Services – Demonstrating Impact to Win Internal Business

• How should potential projects be identified and prioritized? • Earning the trust of potential internal customers in lines of business • Communicating how the data & analytics function can aid value, without over-promising and under-delivering

11.15am - 12.00pm
Keynote Panel: In Data We Trust? Rising to the Challenge of Privacy, Protection, and Security

mark• As customers become increasingly aware of, and concerned by, their data and its usage, what steps should we be taking to ensure that we retain public trust in our ability to steward their information? • Trust-as-a-Service – building privacy into everything we do • What impact has GDPR had on the data industry, and… Read more.

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