Martin Brunswick

Martin Brunswick

Job Title: Chief Data Officer

Company: Voxent

An executive leader in healthcare with over 20 years of experience leading organizations, building teams, and creating value from data, processes, modeling, analytics and reporting, most recently as Chief Data Officer with Voxent, a healthcare technology services not-for-profit.

Prior to joining Voxent, I served as Senior Advisor for Strategic Markets at InterSystems, focused on expanding and aligning value from health information exchange and analytics technologies in service to payer organizations. I also served as InterSystems’ Product Manager for HealthShare Active Analytics (now Health Insight).

As Director of Analytics and e-Business at Network Health, the third highest ranked Medicaid Health Plan in the U.S., I led analytics, reporting and EDI teams, and developed shared systems and workflows to support both payers and providers moving toward value-based contracts. I also have extensive experience with healthcare data and analytics software organizations, EDI service providers, and in healthcare public policy research and payment design.

Speaking at the following:

Discussion Group 1C: Identifying and Eliminating Inefficiencies Through Data

Generating insights that reduce Inefficiencies in your business processes. How can we use data to cut costs in finance, operations, sales, and other business functions? Data as a profit-center, not cost-center – demonstrating ROI.

Discussion Group 4B: Exploiting the Explosion of Data Sources Whilst Maintaining Order

Ensuring well managed data, regardless of source. Meeting the integration challenge – linking up disparate data sources. Are we ready for IoT? Exploring the governance steps required.

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